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Sometimes it just makes sense to hire a pro.

Most people aren’t equipped to work on their own car or HVAC system, cut their own hair, or do their own kitchen remodel.

How many customers or clients have you seen in this situation:
In an effort to save money, they try the DIY route of fixing a problem themselves.  Then, when they end up calling you for help, it costs more because they messed more stuff up.  If they had called you first, it would’ve been easier for you to fix which would’ve meant a cheaper bill for them.

Hiring a bookkeeper is the same concept.

Let’s compare.

If you do your own bookkeeping:

  • If it takes an average of 3 hours per week, that’s 12 hours per month for you to do your bookkeeping.
  • If your normal hourly charge is $100, you are spending $1,200 per month doing your own bookkeeping.
  • You aren’t certain you’re doing it right and you could be making a mess of things.
  • You are spending $1,200 per month and it isn’t a tax deduction.
  • You lose 12 hours per month that you could be using to work, spend time with family and friends, or just get some much needed rest.

On the other hand, if you outsource your bookkeeping:

  • The bookkeeper will get the tasks done in less time.
  • It will cost less because of their efficiency.
  • The bookkeeping will be done right.
  • Your bookkeeping fees are tax deductible.
  • You gain back 12 hours per month to do what you want to do.

It just makes sense to outsource your bookkeeping.

An old fashion alarm clock to the left of three stacks of coins, the first being the shortest and the last being the tallest and each stack of coins has a plant growing out of the top of it

audit-proof your business

Man reviews stack of documents with a magnifying glass

No one really wants the IRS combing through their financials with a magnifying glass, but every year the IRS selects business returns to audit.

Plus, the IRS is getting a huge funding increase of almost $80 billion.  This extra money will be used, in part, to fund the hiring and training of more IRS agents and that will mean more audits.

Don’t let fears of an audit get under your skin anymore.

With proper and accurate bookkeeping, you can have financials that will hold up to an IRS audit without any trouble at all.

I coach small business owners on how to properly save records in a way that will preserve them in the event that they are selected for an audit.

Receipt and invoice storage won’t be a problem and all your financial statements can be ready to hand off to the IRS agent without delay.

It’s never fun to be audited, but with the right systems in place, it can be much easier and less painful to get through it.

knowledge is power

Bookkeeping is a necessity, not only because it’s the law, but because every business owner needs to know how their business is doing financially.

You can’t judge the health of a business by the number of jobs or projects you have or the money in your bank account on any given day.

Good bookkeeping is more than that.

It’s a high level overview of all the money, assets, debt, bills, everything that your business owns, owes, rents… all of it.

Business owners need to know this information so they can make wise decisions about how to handle everything within their business.

Poor bookkeeping will hinder your ability to scale your business because you will simply lack the knowledge you need to make the right decisions.

Don’t spend one more day guessing what your profitability is.  We are here to help you get your finances in order…completely in order…and grow your business into what you want it to be.

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