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Cash flow problems are said to be the #1 reason businesses close their doors.

Many business owners are drowning in debt.

They are having trouble paying their employees, taxes, and bills on time and can’t even consider paying themselves.

Don’t let this happen to you.

I help business owners put more cash in their pocket by helping them to:

  • maximize tax deductions
  • eliminate wasteful spending
  • get the funding you need to scale
  • free up time to make more money
  • eliminate late fees and penalties
  • eliminate the debt that’s holding you back
  • watch for errors in your records
  • increase cash flow

Stop struggling with your bookkeeping.  Contact me today to see if we are a good fit for working together.

Monthly Bookkeeping Service

For the All In

This is ongoing monthly services for the business owner who is ready to outsource their business bookkeeping as a whole or in part.

Each business will get a plan of service completely customized to fit their unique business needs.  Services generally include a minimum of categorizing transactions, managing chart of accounts, and reconciling accounts, but may include services such as invoicing, journal entries for real estate purchases, amortization schedules, project profitability, and many other depending on the needs of your business. 

Monthly financial reports are included in every monthly bookkeeping plan as well as at least one live face-to-face meeting per month.  During this time together, we will go over your financial reports and I will answer any questions that you have.

Flat rate monthly fees help you accurately plan without worry of a “surprise” charge for bookkeeping services.

Clean Up/Catch up

For the fallen behind or the messy

If you’ve fallen behind on your bookkeeping or just can’t seem to keep up with it, this is a service you may be happy to hear about.

I will catch up your books and get you back up to date or clean up your books if you made a little bit (or a lotta bit) of a mess out of them.

Whether you’re one month, one year, or multiple years behind, this service is available to you.

Once your books are in order, you can take the bookkeeping back over once again or I can roll you over into a monthly bookkeeping service.

I recommend enrolling in the Diagnostic Review services if you choose to continue your own bookkeeping.  See this service below.

Fees vary depending on the scope of work.

Full Service Payroll

For the Employer

I also offer assisted payroll processing.

Payroll services are tailored to meet the needs of my clients and may include:

  • Weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc. payroll processing
  • You choose the pay period and pay date
  • Direct deposit
  • Employee and contractor time and attendance
  • Automated payroll tax payments

Your price is the same every period so that there’s no surprise charges.


Custom Plans

tailored to your business

If you don’t see a service here that you need for your business, that doesn’t mean it’s not available.

I have listed here some popular options that my clients choose, but not an inclusive list of every service.

If you would like to inquire on something that is not listed above, I invite you to contact me through the contact form below and ask me about the service you are needing.

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When you decide you’re interested in hearing more about the services I offer, just fill out the “Contact Me” form at the bottom of this page and let me know you want to schedule a Discovery Call.

I’ll get back in touch with you to schedule a time that works for you.

During the call, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have.  I will ask you questions about yourself, your business, your processes, your goals…all sorts of things.

This allows us to get to know each other better so that we can decide if we are a good fit for working together.

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