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Shannon Paxton

Professional bookkeeping & payroll services for small to medium-sized, service-based businesses.


I'm glad you're here!

I’m Shannon Paxton, Christian, wife, mom to 4 boys, and your future bookkeeper.

When I’m not crunching numbers and helping to keep my clients on the right track, you’ll find me in the great outdoors!

I love raising chickens, working in my strawberry beds, flower beds, and vegetable garden.  I’m always finding new foods and flowers to grow.

I love camping, fishing, kayaking, hiking, or just laying back in my hammock by the creek, enjoying the breeze and a good book…just being outside in Creation!

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Service-Based Business Owners

Choose to work with Me

Get Things Done

Get administrative things done without spending your own time doing them.

Tools of the trade

Easy tracking and receipt storage so you don't miss out on valuable tax deductions.

Plan For Success

Build a financial roadmap for the success of your business and put more cash in your pocket.

Tackle Debt

Pay down and eliminate the "bad" debt that's holding you back.

What I do

How Can I help You?

More Cash Please.

Helping you put more cash in your pocket

I help busy, and oftentimes distressed, real estate professionals and  home service providers make more money by helping them to:

  • maximize tax deductions
  • eliminate wasteful spending
  • get the funding they need to scale
  • free up time to make more money
  • eliminate late fees and penalties
  • eliminate bad debt that’s holding them back
  • watch for costly errors in financial records
IRS Fears

Audit-Proof Your Business

No one really wants the IRS combing through their financials with a magnifying glass, but every year the IRS selects business returns to audit.

Don’t let fears of an audit get under your skin anymore.

With proper and accurate bookkeeping, you can have financials that will hold up to an IRS audit without any trouble at all.

I teach business owners how to properly save records in a way that will preserve them in the event that you are hit with an audit for this year or past years.

Receipt and invoice storage isn’t a problem and all your financial statements will be ready to hand off to the IRS agent without delay.

It’s never fun to be audited, but with the right systems in place, it can be much easier and less painful to get through it.

Mind Your Business

Knowledge is Power

Bookkeeping is a necessity, not only because it’s the law, but because every business owner needs to know how their business is doing financially.

You can’t judge the health of a business by the number of customers or clients they have or the money they have on any given day.

Good bookkeeping is more than that.

It’s a high level overview of all the money, assets, debt, bills, everything that the business owns, owes, rents, all of it.

Business owners need to know this information so they can make wise decisions about how to handle things within their business.

Poor bookkeeping will hinder your ability to scale your business because you will simply lack the knowledge you need to make the right decisions.

Growing Pains

Outgrowing your system

Many startup businesses use a simple spreadsheet or notebook to do their bookkeeping.  This is a great system and it works well as long as you are being diligent about making sure you get it done.

But as your business grows, you may find that you have outgrown this method of bookkeeping and you are ready to move on to a higher level.

This is a great thing because it shows that your business is growing!

Another thing that can happen as your business grows is that  you realize you don’t have the time to maintain your bookkeeping tasks like you did when you were a newer business.

There are too many other things that demand your attention and you have no time left over for keeping your books up to date.

This is the perfect time to consider outsourcing your bookkeeping so that your business can continue to grow and you can put your time and energy into making money instead of just recording it.